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From decarbonization and sustainability efforts, to lowering electricity costs, there are many reasons why business and property owners may choose to invest the time, effort and potentially their own financial resources needed into analyzing their ability to “Go Solar” or “Go Green”.

The Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Solar market valuation varies from place to place. The regional and local constraints that allow businesses to achieve these goals can overwhelm the building owner. Our primary focus is to understand the customers’ needs and from that point achieve a solid financial return back to the customer. 64Solar understands how to overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve these goals.

However, the benefits of this flexibility creates complexities that most business and property owners simply do not have the time to properly research and analyze. Since joining the C&I Solar market in 2014 64Solar has been a North Star, guiding our clients through these complexities to achieve their specific goals while also maximizing their ROI. We approach each customer with an open mind and craft flexible solutions for their unique set of energy efficiency needs.

Cloudless™ by 64Solar is our proprietary methodology, learned through our experiences of analyzing and assessing not only our client’s solar potential, but also other energy, efficiency, and financial opportunities. We do our homework so that our clients can rely on us to sort through the fluff and deliver a clear analysis with a plan of action that encompasses all available opportunities that solar unlocks.

Our Cloudless process requires little to no time from our clients. We will run through our due diligence to effectively determine the potential of the solar project early on so that we can ensure that our clients’ valuable time is only required once the system’s feasibility and economic impact is confirmed.

Once 64Solar and our clients have a clear understanding of the project (scope of work and financial returns), and decide to proceed with the suggested plan of action, we work to further enhance the solar project experience by:

  • Expediting permitting and interconnection processes
  • Identifying energy efficiency and income generating measures to take before the solar project construction begins
  • Cost effective design, optimized system using high efficiency PV modules, and inverters
  • Installing the system within the mutually agreed upon timeframe

By combining these steps, we will work to drive down the overall system cost while improving performance and delivering what we promise. To see the Cloudless difference, call us today at 855-SUN-E-DAY.