Renewable Rapid Return

64Solar has developed a powerful new form of solar financing in Connecticut called Renewable Rapid Return that has competitive advantages over both PACE financing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Here’s what you get:

  • Power produced for free at $0.00 per kWh for the lifetime of the system 
  • In many cases, your invested capital is returned within 4 years or less
  • Little to no risk with an immediate annual utility savings
  • Zero ongoing costs

What makes 64Solar’s Renewable Rapid Return different?

64Solar’s clients pay a greatly reduced sum for the solar array during construction and receive the title to the system after 6 years at no additional cost. 64Solar owns the system during the first 6 years and provides 20 years of operating, maintenance, insurance, as well as an energy production guarantee ensuring no ongoing expenses. 

How is this possible? 

Many businesses and nonprofits cannot take full advantage of tax-based solar subsidies. With Renewable Rapid Return, 64Solar receives the reduced, upfront payment, tax incentives, and ZREC subsidies. We then return the benefits to our clients in the form of no cost, no risk solar energy. 64Solar has a vested interest in maximizing system performance, which means your savings are guaranteed!

Now’s the time to consider Renewable Rapid Return as a solid investment strategy. Please call to schedule a quick, 15-minute introduction to the program and see the benefits it can offer you!

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