Family-Owned Stamford Pastry Shop Moves To Solar Energy

DiMare Pastry Shop, a family-owned bakery located on Largo Drive South, announced this week its Stamford shop will now be powered by solar energy, thanks to a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the store’s roof.

The popular pastry shop opened in the Riverside area of Greenwich in 1976 and later expanded to a second location, the Stamford shop, in 1997. The two shops are run by co-owners Maria and Sabrina DiMare, along with the help of three generations of the DiMare family. In an announcement, Maria DiMare said she was happy the move to solar energy will benefit both the environment and the family-run business.

“We’ve spent over 40 years as a family baking delicious treats for our community and making customers happy,” DiMare said in a statement. “Going green with our new solar system takes some of the pressure off our business by giving us lower energy costs. We’re proud to be doing the right thing for the environment too. We want to keep baking, delighting our customers and continuing on as a long-standing partner with the towns we serve.”

The 75.8 kW solar PV system was financed through the Connecticut Green Bank’s innovative Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program, which allows property owners to take advantage of energy upgrades immediately and pay for them over time alongside their property taxes. The system was installed by 64Solar and is estimated to save the business over $20,000 a year on electricity costs, according to the announcement.

“Going solar is sweet,” Sabrina DiMare said in a statement. “We’re saving money, helping the environment and I think our customers appreciate how we’re leading the way into the future with our new solar system.”

While many local businesses were forced to shut down in the spring due to the spread of the coronavirus, the DiMare pastry shop was able to remain open and has been delivering donations to workers at Stamford Hospital, according to the announcement.

“We are proud to see a great family business like DiMare Pastry using C-PACE to go solar,” Mackey Dykes, a CT Green Bank spokesperson, said in a statement. “Energy efficiency and renewable energy can provide many opportunities for small businesses, the backbone of our communities, to save money and help the environment. Financing these types of projects with C-PACE gives small business owners more control over their energy costs by both lowering and making them more predictable. With businesses looking more carefully at their operating expenses, additional cash flow from reduced energy costs can mean that they can focus on their core work, their employees and serving their communities.”