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With our core competencies, profound knowledge andprofessional excellence, we specialize in building brands and empowering businesses by world class web solutions.
We disclose potential business. Using marketing and design tools that transform the company into a brand.
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The design of complex interfaces, corporate websites, e-commerce, work to promote the site on the Internet.

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We frame you look brand online.

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We build you stout brand online.

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We raise you lead brand online.


We manage you stay brand online.

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With effective equipment to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

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Purpose partners with leading organizations, activists, businesses, and philanthropies.


Installing solar panels was never the goal. The journey, perhaps, but our aim is bigger than bolting hardware on a rooftop. It’s about having a clear vision, building strong and vibrant businesses, and finding opportunities where others don’t. We take what the stars give us — everything — and use it to lift one another to bright new heights.

Our Team

Craig Harrigan


Craig is a founder and Principal of 64Solar. His primary area of focus is new business generation and day-to-day business operations. Craig left Bear Stearns in 2008 after a 20-year career in Finance and started in the solar business. He brought a new way of looking at things to the solar industry, helping to transition it from an altruistic transaction to one that illustrated and concentrated on the economic benefits of “going solar.” In 2014, Craig founded 64Solar, a boutique solar company specializing in commercial solar development, financing, and installation. Currently, 64Solar is the largest commercial solar developer operating in Connecticut and has received numerous awards from the innovative Connecticut Green Bank. Craig is well-versed in all manner of solar financing, including PACE, Cash and Operating Leases, and PPAs. He also sits on the board of Connecticut Solar Industry Association.

Anthony Coschigano III


Anthony is an entrepreneur born and raised in New Rochelle, NY. He founded Mercury Solar Systems in 2006, a privately held solar sales and installation company. It was named the 10th fastest growing energy company in the United States, according to INC Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in their 2010 edition. He is currently co-founder and partner of 64Solar. Anthony has installed and directed the install of more than 100 megawatts of solar along the east cost of the United States. Anthony is also the founder and CEO of ECNY Electric, a regional electrical contracting firm with offices in New Rochelle, NY and NYC. In 2015, he acquired Nick’s Electric, a well known electrical contracting firm in Scarsdale, NY, to expand his presence in Westchester County. Anthony is also an active real estate investor, manager, owner and developer in Westchester County.

Tracy Owen

Office Manager

Tracy graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. After graduating she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and worked for Turner Broadcasting System. She was with TBS for 13 years, starting in Turner Program Services, the syndication arm of TBS. From there she got a position at Turner Network Sales and was responsible for selling the rights to all Turner owned shows and series to television stations nationwide. Tracy next worked at The Weather Channel in their marketing and sales department and was there for approximately 2 years before moving to New York. There she began volunteering in various organizations such as Murray PTA, Hommocks PTA, MHS College Information Center, Larchmont Mamaroneck Youth Lacrosse, Pelham Community Rowing Association, and Mamaroneck Schools Foundation. These experiences have led Tracy to become 64Solar's talented Office Manager.

James Patenaude

Director of Sales Management

James is the Director of Sales Management of 64Solar and specializes in analyzing, developing and implementing solar and energy supply projects for clients, and is experienced in a wide range of project types including roof, ground-mount and off-site virtual net metering (VNM). James is an active member of Solarconn’s Interconnection and Permitting Working Group and also leads the Energy Committee with the CT Green Building Council whose mission is to boost renewable/clean energy adoption in the Northeast and beyond.

Ron Zussman

Project Developer

Ron is a Solar Project Developer at 64Solar. He is primarily responsible for identifying opportunities for building and land owners to take financial advantage of the federal and state solar programs. He is a passionate advocate for solar energy and helps to start the process of buildings going green.

Sev Duvall

Project Developer

Sev is a Solar Project Developer for 64Solar. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon. After broking in the fixed income arena for nearly 3 decades, Sev was ready for a change in 2010 when he became involved in the field of renewable energy. Past projects have involved commercial, industrial, 501(c)(3), and municipalities, among other market sectors. Sev lives in Westport, Connecticut.

Art Helmus

Project Developer

Art is a Solar Project Developer at 64Solar. He focuses on new business development across New England and the mid-Atlantic states. He specializes in custom designed and financed distributed energy, energy efficiency and procurement solutions for commercial, industrial and nonprofit organizations. Art has a JD, MBA and Masters in Sustainability, serves on the Executive Committee and is Legislative Chair of the Connecticut Sierra Club, and is a member of the Connecticut Green Building Council.


It depends, many things have changed over the years. There are programs to help you finance your solar project and there are even programs that cost nothing and allow 64Solar to rent your roof and give you additional income. One thing is certain, the costs have never been lower than right now.
Before we mount anything on your roof, we give you a layout and you get to approve the look.
Over the last 10 years incentives are a reflection of system cost of installation. The lower the price the less the incentives amount to. Waiting also means that you are paying the highest amount of cost to the utility while you wait. So, waiting for the price to drop is a zero sum game.
In order to have power during a blackout, you need a battery alongside your solar system. Fortunately, 64Solar does offer that type of system.
By law we need to have an independent structural analysis done of your building. This allows us know early on if your building is eligible to go solar.
64Solar uses a consultative approach to do the due diligence to ensure that you’re in the right rate class as an added value to our services.
We can potentially add a new roof to the solar cost if needed. If yours is a non-metal roof over 15 years old, we will most likely not install on that roof. We will certainly try to keep that existing roof in place, but we can have your roofing company come out and make that determination should you choose.
We have multiple ways of financing a solar project that are really contingent on doing some consultative work with you and your tax advisors. We always want to offer the best solution based on each customer’s exact needs.
You want to save more money than just solar we can help with that too. We have many different types of energy reduction solutions and will help explore them with you. And the best part is, they can even be financed as part of the package!